Building Your Investment Foundation

The Risk Profile Questionnaire is designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of your investment objective, which serves as the foundation of your portfolio and guides us in making investment recommendations. Your investment objective is based on many factors, including your time horizon, financial goals and risk tolerance. To build your portfolio, you must clearly define your financial goals. Short-term goals may include buying a house or financing a dream vacation. Long-term goals may include saving for your child's education or planning for your retirement.

Your Information-Time horizon defines when you want to achieve a goal. It could be 1-5 years, 5-10 years, 15 years, 30 years or more.

Risk is an unavoidable part of investing. Historically, investments with higher return potential have required a higher tolerance for risk. Therefore, by clearly defining your risk tolerance, we will be better prepared to choose the most appropriate investments for your portfolio.

Over time, your goals and financial situation may change. It's important for us to discuss any changes, as your original investment objective may need to be re-evaluated.

Determining Your Investment Objective

This self-scoring questionnaire will help us determine your investment objective. Answer each question by writing the corresponding number in the box to the right of each question. Then total the numbers for each section. Fill in the scorecard on the last page to determine your investment objective.



Investment Risk can be described as the potential for actual investment returns to vary from expectations.

An Investment Risk Profile is basically a general description regarding an Investor's attitude to risk.

The Investor Questionnaire helps making asset allocation suggestions based on information you enter about your investment objectives and experience, time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

The information gives us an overall understanding of your investment profile and helps us understand what investment mix and products will be appropriate, or inappropriate, in helping to achieve your investment goals


Goals are broad aims that do not have dollar amounts or dates associated with them while Objectives are specific aims that have dollar amounts and a target date.

Before making any investment decisions, it's important to understand your attitude towards risk. This helps identify an appropriate mix of investments that you are comfortable with

How you allocate your money among stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves may be the most important factor in determining the long-term return and volatility of your portfolio.

Cognition of your risk capacity includes understanding your financial needs and expectations in specific detail so as to find out the risk profile that defines your attitude and environment well.


Risk tolerance is a subjective measurement of your attitude toward risk, your willingness to accept potential investment loss in search of greater investment gain.

Risk tolerance is often used to categorize investors as Aggressive, Moderate or Conservative.

Some investments have tendency to fluctuate more dramatically in value than others but may have the potential for higher returns. It's important that you select investments that fit within your level of tolerance for this risk.

This Questionnaire focuses on your attitude towards investing, your understanding of financial markets and how you may react during certain investment, market and economic conditions.

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2. Your occupation?

Verify Your Risk assessment


As you use the questionnaire, keep the following points in mind:

  • The risk profiling questionnaire is intended to provide guidelines to help you design a savings and investment program. It doesn't provide comprehensive investment advice, such as advice on buying a specific stock and share, and should not be considered as the sole or primary basis on which you make investment decisions.
  • The suggested asset allocation within the questionnaire depends on subjective factors such as risk tolerance and financial goals and objectives.
  • The asset allocations are limited to investment classes.
  • Financial projections and risk questionnaire are not mistake proof and no one can specify future results. Changes in regulation, tax, or benefit laws, investment markets, or your own financial situation can cause actual result to be substantially different from your projection. To address this uncertainty, you should create several scenarios, with various sets of assumptions to evaluate a wide range of possible outcomes.


I/we hereby confirm that I/we have read, reviewed and understood the above-mentioned risk profile assessment questionnaire and agree to my categorization, based on investment objectives and risk assessment.

I/we also confirm that I/we have some knowledge about the risk factor involved in the market and markets-product. For my/our losses investment advisory is not responsible. I/we receive investment adviser from investment advice, if there is any changes in the future, then I/we will responsible to provide the information

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