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INR 25,000 Yearly

Start Investing with Confidence

Suitable for Medium Risk Capacity.

Focus on Growth.

Services in Equity, Equity FNO and Forex.

Comes With Risk Reward Ratio.


INR 1,25,000 Yearly

Start Investing with Confidence

Focus On Aggressive Growth

Suitable Highest Tolerance For Risk.

Service In Equity Future, Commodity And Forex

Comes With Risk reward Ratio.


INR 25000 Yearly

Start Investing with Confidence

Equal Focus On Growth And Current Income

Moderate Tolerance For Risk.

Monthly Package with Intermediate Investment Horizon

Preferable For Swing Traders.

Numbers Of Calls Will Be 2-5 In a Month.

Timely Calls With Follow Up On Target And Stop Loss.

Horizon Plus

INR 1,25,000

Start Investing with Confidence

Investment Advice For Long Term.

Investment Allocation In Equity Cash And Equity Future.

Only Applicable For Net Worth More Than 50 Lakhs